All About Anxiety


What is anxiety in actual? How do I know I am being anxious? What types of anxiety can be experienced by my body? Does anxiety have something to do with my success and aspirations? How can I stop being anxious? What are the tips to prevent anxiety? Is anxiety a normal behavior? All such questions whirl though minds of many of us. The answer is, anxiety is a very common psychological state, but its physiological responses can have harmful effects on both mind and body. It is critically important to keep anxiety under control to enjoy happy and productive life. In this article we will be describing all the basics that you need to understand in order to manage the anxiety symptoms.

Anxiety and its main types

The state of unpleasant and irrational thoughts, depressive mood, restlessness and low self-esteem is termed as anxiety and it is the state of mind that we all have experienced in life. The combination of these states is clinically known as anxiety disorder.  The emotions and cognitions are the key factors that drive our behavior in daily life, thus our success and inner peace depends greatly on our thoughts. As it is a very true adage: “thoughts become words, words become actions, actions become way of life – be careful of what you think”.

If your mind so often gets overwhelmed with the unexplained worries, sadness, nervousness, low morale and apprehensions, then it’s time for you to share your burden and get help before it may get worse.  It is very important to tackle your emotional behavior in order to succeed in every field of life and anxiety is such a negative state of mind that takes away the inspirational motivation from one’s life.